About MyAltarSpace

MyAltarSpace was created with our customers' wellbeing in mind, aiming to provide top rated customer service with top quality products.


To help people create a living space within their own room that they can resort to when they need to go into a loving frame of mind that reminds them of the universal energy that they are always connected to.


What you surround yourself with is what will affect how you feel. Matter is just a form of solidified energy, so the energy you choose to "install" in your living space plays an important role in your wellbeing. Your room is a sacred place, and it should be treated as such. When you step out of your busy day-to-day obligations and into your room you should feel an immediate sense of relief, of RE-connectedness to your true self.

Whether you just want to redecorate your room, add a new home décor item that will enrich your living space, or create an entire ambiance of sacred living, MyAltarSpace has products just right for you!